Writing Forensic Court Reports as an Expert Witness

Preparing assessment reports for Court is extremely challenging. In order to assist the Court to make good decisions, you must possess a sound knowledge of human relations and family dynamics, a capacity to deal with intense emotions and highly conflicted situations, interpretive and analytical skills, and excellent written communication skills.

Who would benefit from this workshop?

I present this two-day interactive workshop for professionals who aspire to be expert court witnesses as well as those who have appeared as expert witnesses and who want to fine-tune their skills.

How will this workshop be conducted?

You will discuss some of the difficult challenges confronting report writing practice.

You will learn more about current research findings and theoretical concepts in order to deepen your understanding of the presentation and dynamics of human relationships.

You will discuss case examples in order to develop practical strategies for making effective assessments and recommendations.

You will improve your skill and knowledge base.

What will you get out of the workshop?

The workshops are interactive, drawing on research findings and my own practice experience. You will gain a better understanding of: