Mediation and Conciliation

I aim to bring integrity, respect and humanity to the mediation experience. My areas of expertise include the assessment of complex family dynamics characteristic in separated families and the intricacies of human relationships, which impact on workplace relations and contribute to organisational and relationship impasses.

Skills, experience and accreditations include:

Benefits of Facilitative Mediation

It pays to name and deal with difficulties as they arise, before they compromise and destabilise the working environment, family or professional relationships. Frequently we need assistance to resolve these differences constructively. Calling on the services of a skilled facilitator to help build relations and resolve differences can be beneficial and cost effective.

Using a unique capacity for perceptive listening and providing a safe environment to talk, I assist people to:

My practice combines a deep knowledge of the human experience and relationship dynamics, with insight, understanding and compassion gained over 35 years of working with people in difficulty, including 25 years of conciliation and mediation practice with separating families.

Extensive knowledge of organisational function, and the experience of individuals working within organistions, has enabled constructive outcomes in mediated disputes in schools, community organizations, business and church communities.

Why use Mediation

Conflict and interpersonal difficulties arise in any situation involving people – family, friends, workplace, organizations, as individuals have different needs, different personalities and often, different approaches to achieving the same goal. It is these differences that cause misunderstanding and can create tension, conflict and impasse in family life, working relations and all areas of human interaction.

Mediation provides a supported structure to resolve conflict and disputes. A good mediated result aims to provide a mutually agreed upon outcome, achieving understanding and acceptance rather than mere compromise. This assists true resolution, and can make for a more binding outcome.