Robin presenting in Edinburgh

Conference Presentations

  1. "The Challenge of Change: Why Collaboration between the Law and Social Sciences can Help at Risk Australian Children", 59th ICCFR Conference, Boston June 2012, Collaboration instead of Collision: Family Law, Social Policy and Joint Practice   [ view pdf ]
  2. "Dreaming, Art and Spirituality": workshop presentation.  World Psychotherapy Congress 2011, Sydney August 2011 [ view pdf ]
  3. "Marriage Is For Now, Family Is Forever: The Changing Social Contract and Promoting Informed Response to Child Experience in the 21st Century" - co-authored with Julianne Greenfield, Kerry Martin ICCFR International Conference, Sustaining Successful Marriages: Dream or Reality, Helsinki, Finland June 2008
  4. "Children as Witnesses within the Justice System: Lessons from the Family Court" Panel discussion with Justice Gerrard and Pamela Sweetapple (barrister), PACT Conference Brisbane, September, 2006
  5. "The Family Court, Domestic Violence and the Best Interests of the Child." National conference, Refocusing Women's Experience of Violence, Bankstown, Sydney, September 2005 [ view pdf ]
  6. "The Family Court and the Social Sciences - a Beneficial Partnership?" ICCFR International Conference, Differing Needs: Societies' responses to children, parents, families, couples and the older generation, at Vienna, Austria June 2005
  7. "Violence in family law decision making: Different Perspectives" National conference convened by Women's Legal Service, Challenge, Change & Cha Cha Cha, Brisbane, October 2004. Panel session with The Honourable Ms Diana Bryant, Chief Justice, Family Court of Australia, and Ms Ruth Busch of New Zealand
  8. "Age Appropriate Contact and Residence Arrangements - A Child Development Perspective" - FLPA Seminar, Understanding the Needs of Children, the Family Law Context, Brisbane, November 2002
  9. "Early Childhood Health in Separating Families". National Infant Mental Health Conference, Frozen Futures, Exploring the Effects of Early Stress on Later Outcomes,University of Sydney, November 2002 [ view pdf ]
  10. "Domestic Violence and the Family Court: a protective response for the child at risk". Presented with Justice Jordan and Peter Murphy at 2nd National Conference on Children, Young People and Domestic Violence, Brisbane, October 1998
  11. "Innovative Therapeutic Interventions with Couples for the Millennium". ICCFR International Conference, St Catherine's College, Oxford, England, June 1998.
  12. "Family Court of Australia: Child Counselling Interventions Trialled with Families Where Violence Is an Issue" - Eleventh International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect, Dublin, August 1996 [ view pdf ]
  13. "Children the Heart of Things" - Brisbane, June 1996, National Early Childhood Conference [ view pdf ]
  14. "Children and Domestic Violence in the Family Court" - the First National Conference on Children and Domestic Violence. Adelaide, December 1995
  15. "Family Violence: Children the Forgotten Victims" - Family Law Practitioners Annual Conference, Gold Coast, July 1995
  16. "All Domestic Violence Is Not Created Equal - a practical guide to visitation decisions" Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Annual Conference, Montreal, May 1995 [ view pdf ]
  17. "Developing a Framework for Assessing Risk to Children in Violent Family Situations Presenting to the Family Court", National Family Court Conference, Sydney, May 1994
  18. "Working with Family Violence from a Family Court Counselling Perspective", Challenging the Legal Systems Response to Domestic Violence, Brisbane, 1994
  19. "Children and Trauma" - Family Court Regional Conference, Coolum, March 1992 [ view pdf ]